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The Sims 50% Off

Even if you don’t play The Sims Social, you still have one very cool reason to thank the social game: 50% off the The Sims. Pick your platform and get the base game for $19.99 but you have to order the game via Origin and the deep discount ends October 6, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific […]

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I’m not not sure what the hell EA’s thinking but these are the strangest Sims Social videos I’ve ever seen. Actually, they might be the strangest Sims videos EA has put out period and I mean even weirder than The Sims videos that came out where they made the people look all plastic and stuff. […]

Free Sims Social Contract

Is your place feeling just a bit too cramped? Have you been dreaming of a bigger place but you haven’t managed to get a bigger piece of the real estate prize? Here’s your chance to get the room you crave and for free! Reach level 10 and get to it.

Click the image to claim your free stuff!

The Sims Social out of Beta

I pretty much agree with everything in this review and I didn’t even get as far as he did. Seriously. I made it as far as that video I did a while back. So bravo for creating a well-rounded review. You’re a better man than me.