After a bit of back and forth with Sims Social, looks like EA is finally ready to declare Sims Social ready to go! Since I just got this email in my in-box, I’m going to assume the kinks have been worked out of the servers and they’re ready to declare this game out of Beta. […]

The Sims Social Gym

Sure, I’m not ridiculously excited about The Sims Social but I do think it will be a hit. How long it will be a hit I don’t know but I figure a lot of people will try it out just to see what it’s all about. An official release date still hasn’t been released but […]

The Sims Social Beta Build a House

There’s been something familiar about the in-game images that have been put out for The Sims Social and I’ve finally put my finger on that familiar feeling: The Sims. Look at the images below. Don’t they remind you just a bit of The Sims? Granted the graphics are a bit better than they were with […]

the sims social blue party girl slut

EA is slowly rolling out new information and images for The Sims Social. It looks like they’re adopting Facebook as the one-stop shop for information and images pertaining to the various titles they have out as well as for the stuff that’s on its way to stores. What I’ve seen so far hasn’t come anywhere […]

Sims 3 Social Dance

I know some of you are going to love The Sims Social but I’m not digging it. Then again, this isn’t really my sort of game. If I’m going to take the time to play something, I want to sit down and dedicate time to only that game. Gaming is supposed to be a suspension […]