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Maybe it’s just me but I burn through all of my energy in the first ten minutes I’m playing SimSocial. Since I refuse to pay money for more energy, I have to shut down the game and do something productive until the energy fills back up. Today I saw ingenious partnership: You need energy and […]

250 free simoleons sims social survey

Take a survey from one of EA’s “partners” and get yourself 250 simoleons. I haven’t taken the survey–and probably won’t–but this seems like an easy way to earn some $. Hope it really is “quick” and not like ten minutes or something; five minutes is my idea of quick.

I just found this in my in-box. Looks like I know what a lot of you are going to be doing this Memorial Day weekend. “Learn to drive a free car and unlock your own when you get a license! Complete the quest ‘Get a New Set of Wheels’ within 8 days to get +1 […]

“It’s time to dip, dive, slip and slide! Upgrade your pool and increase your house value!”

Free SimsSocial Dove Hair Spa

No details on how long this item will be available but Dove has “Build your dream Dove Hair suite.” and “Get inspired with Dove Hair.” listed as “Coming soon.”