The Sims 3 Store Items

Sims 3 Lucky Palms

If you’ve been fighting with yourself about Lucky Palms since the damn world costs a butt ton of SimPoints–regularly 4,350 SimPoints–LGR is giving you a chance to see exactly what you’ll be getting for all those SimPoints before you buy. If you buy. Cause did I mention the world is really expensive? [It’s on sale […]

Yay for Content Patches but am I the only one who thinks it’s about damn time the Book o’ Spells and Fountain of Youth glitch was fixed?! Look, I totally understand a lot goes into fixing issues from identifying the issue to testing it in-game and across multiple platforms but I wrote about this back […]

MERRY HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAY! EA wants you to have a very Merry Christmas so they’re offering the Bayside Kitchen Set for FREE…until 26.12.11. 24 items are included in this download and though it’s not Christmas themed, it should still bring you some holiday cheer. Head to EA’s Store page to download the Bayside Kitchen Set.

I would never use this window. BUT, that doesn’t mean that you won’t absolutely fall all over yourself and clamor to get your hands on the Keyed Window before they’re all taken. At this moment, you have just over 17 hours. The window costs 50 SimPoints–1/2 off of the regular price. Happy buying! The Sims […]

The SimPoints Digital Services Agreement

When I went to download the very cute Halloween set available for free at The Sims Store, I was met with a scary looking box with a crap load of text. Oh, wtf?! Apparently EA has decided to update their SimPoints Digital Services Agreement. Accept or you can’t get your free stuff, yo. Here’s the […]