Sims 3 Technical Stuff

OK, so I don’t exactly know how much of this video is a tutorial and how much of it is just me rambling. I think I’m helpful.¬†Who knows if you will. Anyway. I’ve written about The Sims 3 Patch Downloader twice. Back in 2010 [The Sims 3 Patch Downloader] and then in 2011 [Base Game […]

Yay for Content Patches but am I the only one who thinks it’s about damn time the Book o’ Spells and Fountain of Youth glitch was fixed?! Look, I totally understand a lot goes into fixing issues from identifying the issue to testing it in-game and across multiple platforms but I wrote about this back […]

“Where do you put the Resource.cfg file for Sims 3?” is one of the most commonly emailed questions I get and I probably receive it a couple of times a week. I figured, since I get the question so much, there’s obviously confusion about the Resource.cfg file so I’m putting this up. Now I can […]

The SimPoints Digital Services Agreement

When I went to download the very cute Halloween set available for free at The Sims Store, I was met with a scary looking box with a crap load of text. Oh, wtf?! Apparently EA has decided to update their SimPoints Digital Services Agreement. Accept or you can’t get your free stuff, yo. Here’s the […]

There’s been much confusion on an old post of mine [Five Steps to Shiny Custom Content in Sims 3] about how to install custom content, what Framework is and why the custom content they’ve downloaded isn’t/won’t show up. To cut down on the number of questions about the same thing, I thought I’d just do […]