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Sims 3 Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop

Just a couple of days ago the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop was available as stand-alone content you could get from the Store without having to pay for the entire Country Livin’ set. Looks like that’s not the case now which is sure to tick more than a few folks off since this premium content was the […]

Sims 3 Country Livin' Set on Sale

The new “farm themed” set for Sims 3–Country Livin’–is currently on sale via the store for 1,250 SimPoints. The set contains 25 items including the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop (which is no longer available for purchase without the Country Livin’ set.) Note on the page reminds you to have your game patched to for […]

The Sims 3 Lucky Palms Gold Edition on sale

The Sims 3 Lucky Palms Gold Edition is on sale right now–until 7.12.17–for 3,700 SimPoints. I’m not sure how many people that will incentivize to take the plunge and actually buy the world, but the temporary price drop is a step in the right direction. Head here to get The Sims 3 Lucky Palms Gold […]

Sims 3 Lucky Palms

If you’ve been fighting with yourself about Lucky Palms since the damn world costs a butt ton of SimPoints–regularly 4,350 SimPoints–LGR is giving you a chance to see exactly what you’ll be getting for all those SimPoints before you buy. If you buy. Cause did I mention the world is really expensive? [It’s on sale […]

Source: SimCookie You can see the first three “teaser” images for The Sims 3 Lucky Palms here.