Site News

The site’s been having some annoying issues lately. Maybe you’ve noticed and maybe you haven’t. At any rate, I’m going to have to debug the thing and while posts will still be around and will still be published, things won’t look like they have for a bit. Just thought I’d warn ya.

I have some ridiculously AMAZING NEWS!!! Like…wow. I just might find a bouncing gif to put in here somewhere. I entered Kmart’s contest for a chance to go to E3 with Kmart. That’s right, folks. E3. And guess what? I WON A PLACE! {Here’s my Kmart submission if you’re interested in reading it.} Among other […]

*This is crossposted on Taste Like Crazy. Any support y’all can give me would be GREATLY appreciated.* Going to E3 will make two dreams come true: going to E3 and swapping beauty secrets with the booth girls. When I first started blogging, I decided early on I needed an outlet other than the “mommy blog” […]

Hey, guys. If you followed me here from that other site, then I thank you for following the bread crumbs. Things are going to be a bit different on Sims 3 Gamer. The most obvious difference is that the only things that will be discussed here are things pertaining to Sim 3, the expansions and […]