Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is being released Thursday and The Sims UK posted ten new Hidden Springs images on their Facebook page.

My favorite images are of the pool area. I can’t wait to actually get a Sim to that venue and explore.

Sims 3 Hidden Spring Cho Family

Hidden Springs coming out at the end of this month and for the first time, I’m actually excited about EA created Sims. I’ve never played the premade Sims but I’m considering it this time around. The four new families are below. Are you getting excited?

Everyone has been talking about Hidden Springs this week with tons of images being released along with the official Sims 3 Hidden Springs press release, banners and the tease of a possible early look for some simmers. In addition to all the other press, this walk-through video with Azure Bowie-Hankins, Assistant Producer for The Sims […]

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