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OMSP for The Sims 3

OMSP = One More Slot Package/Place The package/place choice depends on who you’re talking with. The point of these hacks–if that’s what you want to call them–is they allow you to have at least one other place [slot] on a surface…any surface. If it’s in your game, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to […]

I’m installing Generations as I type this and I’m getting that familiar fluttery feeling in my stomach; I get it every time I install a new expansion. A couple of things to note: Your game’s going to do an update and there’s a chance it’s going to take a minute or two. If you jumped […]

If you get annoyed by custom content that doesn’t have its own custom thumbnail, Tamo has an awesome tutorial on how to create a custom thumbnail. Follow the tutorial by heading to Tamo’s website.

It seems everyone wants to keep picture taking in Sims 3 a secret. Sure, there’s Camera Mode and most folks know you hit Tab and you’re in. But–and I know this can’t just be me–taking good pictures seems to be a closely guarded secret. So while I don’t take the best pictures, they aren’t half […]

Believe it or not, cache files are around to make your game faster and your life easier. It’s true! Really. Promise. The two most common reasons for custom content “not showing up” are: Custom content in the wrong location–With Patch 1.12 and later, custom content should live in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages Cache files haven’t […]