Sims 3 Guides

OK, so I don’t exactly know how much of this video is a tutorial and how much of it is just me rambling. I think I’m helpful. Who knows if you will. Anyway. I’ve written about The Sims 3 Patch Downloader twice. Back in 2010 [The Sims 3 Patch Downloader] and then in 2011 [Base Game […]

“Where do you put the Resource.cfg file for Sims 3?” is one of the most commonly emailed questions I get and I probably receive it a couple of times a week. I figured, since I get the question so much, there’s obviously confusion about the Resource.cfg file so I’m putting this up. Now I can […]

There’s been much confusion on an old post of mine [Five Steps to Shiny Custom Content in Sims 3] about how to install custom content, what Framework is and why the custom content they’ve downloaded isn’t/won’t show up. To cut down on the number of questions about the same thing, I thought I’d just do […]

Framework painting

Since two of my posts on Framework have become extremely popular [Sims 3 Framework and Why You Need It and Five Steps to Shiny Custom Content in Sims 3] and patch 1.12 changed where your custom content is located, I wanted to make this Framework thing as easy as possible on you. Delphy at Mod the […]

DANGER Will Robinson!

When I’m installing custom content, I want .package files and that’s it. I don’t want to have to open the Launcher and hope it decides it likes me that particular day. From past experience, I’ve found my Launcher is an ass that likes to screw with me just because it can. There are folks out […]