Sims 3 Gripes

The Sims 3 Showtime Magic Bear

A while back I wrote about Sims 3 Legacies getting me excited to play Sims 3 again and I played my heart out. After a pretty long Sims 3 drought/burnout, I finally was enjoying the game again. I’ve been running only the base game and Pets with a Stuff Pack or two and some custom […]

I remember seeing the Olympian Physique download over at the Sims 3 Store for 1000 Sims Points and thinking it was a huge ripoff. A building and 11 items for $10. Not that bad but it’s not good either. And then I watched this video: While the video is really cool–cause all of the EA […]

Sims 3 Gamer hasn’t been around even a whole year yet but already you guys have made it better than I ever thought it could be. When I wrote for b5Media, there was a disconnect between readers and me and I hated that. Here you comment and you ask questions and that means a lot. […]

vI have a problem with impulse control and when I’m in lust over a game, I want it NOW not here in a few days when the game finally gets shipped to me. And that’s why I’m stuck downloading WA for the second time in as many days. The problem started a couple of days […]

There are two things that kick me in the ass and make me want to play Sims 3: a new expansion and/or my game being broken. At this moment, both are going on. I swore off the digital downloads because they take so freakin’ long and that’s how I ended up with the disc for […]