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I still consider this a UFO video since the damn flying object was unidentified┬áto me. But I’m really just splitting hairs and stuff. I’m an idiot. I admit it. I hadn’t ever experienced a meteor strike and I was all hopped up on the new patch [ http://youtu.be/huy10iSezOs ] so I went right to aliens. […]

One of the–many–things I’ve been looking forward to with Seasons is the Blueprint mode. I thought I was going to have to wait until Seasons is released [Nov. 13th] to get my hands on the tool but the 1.42 patch included the tool! The video below was supposed to just be about the Blueprint tool […]

I meant to post this on April Fool’s Day but forgot. The whole joke was going to be that I made a “golden” horse on April Fool’s Day and that I named him “Fool” and then he’d be like fool’s gold except it wasn’t a joke since I forgot to post the pictures. Cause I […]

Sims 3 Cleo and Mark Sant making out.

I finally got fed up with not being able to play The Sims 3 so I unistalled everything except for The Sims 3 and The Sims 3: Generations and a bit of custom content. I can actually play my game. I’m proud to be able to say I didn’t get bogged down in designing a […]