Grim Reaper and Alien Snowmen in Sims 3 Seasons

Here I was thinking snowmen would just be the vanilla snowmen we’re all used to: three balls of snow, a carrot nose, coal for eyes and maybe a top hat. I definitely underestimated the Sims team on this one. Cool, right? And Mr. Reaper looks quite proud of himself, doesn’t he? Why is alien snowman […]


I still consider this a UFO video since the damn flying object was unidentified┬áto me. But I’m really just splitting hairs and stuff. I’m an idiot. I admit it. I hadn’t ever experienced a meteor strike and I was all hopped up on the new patch [ http://youtu.be/huy10iSezOs ] so I went right to aliens. […]

One of the–many–things I’ve been looking forward to with Seasons is the Blueprint mode. I thought I was going to have to wait until Seasons is released [Nov. 13th] to get my hands on the tool but the 1.42 patch included the tool! The video below was supposed to just be about the Blueprint tool […]

Sims 3 Seasons Hair Dryer

Like I said on the Sims 3 Gamer Facebook page–Sims3GamerFans–I love it when the Sims team puts out an interesting video that shows tons of stuff they haven’t even hinted at before the video’s release. I’ve watched the video a couple of times now–the first time via the Polish arm of The Sims which was […]

Equus Sims and MSE Sims 3 Pets horse blankets.

It’s getting cooler in my neck of the woods and we’ve started having to find our coats before school and find socks to wear to bed. That’s gotten me to thinking about rain and snow and nasty weather in-game and then about the fact pets don’t have anything to keep them cozy. Until now!