I’ve been playing a heck of a lot of Sims 3 Pets since I started reading that legacy. I guess the legacy really did inspire me to play my game. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to hard-core legacy rules so I made my own rule that I wouldn’t cheat with the money. […]

The Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet Skeleton Dog

I’ve never been a reader of “legacies.” Hell, I didn’t even know about the things until I started this site; to say I stuck to my own game is an understatement. Once I learned what a legacy actually was, I was shocked people would actually sign-up to play their game with no cheats. Never use […]

Several months ago–or maybe it was a year?–EA put up an hour long demo of The Sims 3. There were issues with people not being able to connect to the game, their connection being “too fast”–I’m not joking about that.–their connection being too slow, them being out of the US…there were a BUNCH of issues. […]

I talked about the unicorn that showed up in my game and, yeah, I know that the “rain” isn’t actually rain but it LOOKS like rain and I was talking about how awesome it looks and should have said that EA obviously has the rain mechanic down. My fault for not laying it all out […]

Solar flare Sims3 Pets karma power

I’m going to start this out from the get-go with the disclosure that I only play The Sims 3 on PC. The last time I played a Sims game on a console it was The Sims 2 on the PS2 and I hated it. Hated. BUT, I saw Ben Bell do a presentation for The […]