OK. So they’re not really in a bar but I couldn’t come up with a title or anything so I figured this would do. I just got this image in my email and it actually was labeled as such: Les Sims 3 – Animaux et Cie Nouveaux visuels. I might have had to Google translate […]

If you still haven’t preordered your copy of The Sims 3 Pets and you want to make sure you get the Limited Editions set, I suggest you give Amazon a look. While the physical edition is the same price as at other retailers–but with free shipping and a $10 giftcard–the digital version is where Amazon […]

the sims 3 kinect game xbox360 console

Gamespot always manages to put out good videos of Sims products and this is no exception. If you own an Xbox 360 and you have Kinect, you’d be wise to pick up a console version of The Sims 3 Pets. The Kinect feature adds a whole new level of gameplay.

The Sims 3 Pets Laser Eye Cat

I just saw this picture come across one of the gaming news sites I subscribe to and for some reason, it cracks me up. We’ve known for a while that cats can hunt ghosts and get rid of them but I’ve never seen this particular angle. Happy Friday!

The Sims 3 Pets console transmogrify karma power

One of the major ways The Sims 3 Pets Console is different from The Sims 3 Pets PC is console has Karma Powers. Karma Powers let you influence your Sims life–and the life of your Sims’s pets–in new and exciting ways. When I saw the presentation by Ben Bell at E3, he showed it on […]