Equus Sims and MSE Sims 3 Pets horse blankets.

It’s getting cooler in my neck of the woods and we’ve started having to find our coats before school and find socks to wear to bed. That’s gotten me to thinking about rain and snow and nasty weather in-game and then about the fact pets don’t have anything to keep them cozy. Until now!

Sims 3 Pets horse yawning picture

I was in the process of getting some of my own pictures of the Stupendous Splotches for Sims 3 Pets custom content I had posted when my horse–Raven–decided she was entirely too bored to have her picture taken. Maybe it makes me a huge dork but this has become one of my favorite picture. The […]

Sims 3 Pets Paint coat patterns

We used to raise Paint horses and what did I do the first time I started up Sims 3 Pets? I tried my hand at creating realistic Paint horse sims; I failed miserably. Ever so often, I’d manage to create something that was passable but I never got it¬†exactly¬†right. Do you have any idea how […]

download sims 3 pets dressage giraffe for Pets

Who needs a plain, old horse for your sims to ride when you can have a giraffe? OK. Fine. A giraffe patterned horse but still! He’s one cute dude and created by Rachel at Vicarious Sims Download Dressage Giraffe for Sims 3 Pets from the Exchange.

I meant to post this on April Fool’s Day but forgot. The whole joke was going to be that I made a “golden” horse on April Fool’s Day and that I named him “Fool” and then he’d be like fool’s gold except it wasn’t a joke since I forgot to post the pictures. Cause I […]