Sims 3 Console and Handheld

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I’m going to start this out from the get-go with the disclosure that I only play The Sims 3 on PC. The last time I played a Sims game on a console it was The Sims 2 on the PS2 and I hated it. Hated. BUT, I saw Ben Bell do a presentation for The […]

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Gamespot always manages to put out good videos of Sims products and this is no exception. If you own an Xbox 360 and you have Kinect, you’d be wise to pick up a console version of The Sims 3 Pets. The Kinect feature adds a whole new level of gameplay.

I didn’t wake up in time to see all of this when it was going on live and I figure I’m not the only one.

Included in this demo is some 3DS talk which I haven’t heard before–3DS details seem to have been overshadowed by console and PC version talk. There’s also a great deal of discussion with regards to Kinect and Karma powers.

There’s also a great deal of PC information, CAP video and gameplay.

A nice long demo with lots of great information.

The Sims 3 Pets is being released on Oct. 31, 2011 for the PC/Mac, XBox 360, the PS3 and the 3DS. While several screens/images have been released of the PC version of ┬áThe Sims 3 Pets, up until a few days ago, there hadn’t been any images released of the 3DS version of The Sims […]

Here are six new–well, released yesterday–images of the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS version of The Sims 3. [nggallery id=7]