I’m not a longtime fan of the SimCity franchise. Before playing the first beta, I hadn’t played the game in decades and didn’t like the game when I played it back in the day. But with that first beta, the game hooked me. I couldn’t get enough of the game and built stunningly pathetic cities […]

SimCity Green City

Yesterday was Casino City–I’ll get a post up of the whole four hours of gameplay here in a minute–and today is Going Green. Pour yourself a big bowl of granola, because tomorrow we’re building a green city. Join us for the live online event as the world collectively cleans-up a toxic town at www.LetsAllBeMayor.com [This […]

SimCity Casion City logo

Yesterday’s live broadcast of Disaster City seems to have been a heck of hit. [You can watch the replay over here: SimCity Let’s All Be Mayor Replay: Disaster City.] What are the odds the world can work together to build a sin city of SimCity? That’s what we intend to find out. Fancy casinos, luxurious […]


In case you missed the live stream of the first day of SimCity’s Let’s All Be Mayor or maybe you couldn’t catch the whole four hours, you can the broadcast in its entirety down below. Check out this post for a full list of the daily four hour play topics and expect a “replay” post […]

Here in less than 10 minutes Maxis starts the first of seven days of co-opesque games of SimCity. Description for site LetsAllBeMayor.com: Disaster City is a four-hour long ground and pound on a wannabe metropolis. Watch as our hand of God builds a city in real time, only to face a multitude of disasters chosen […]