Mobile Sims 3

Take your Sims on thrilling adventures to world famous destinations! “Al Simhara,” Egypt… “Champs Les Sims,” France… “Shang SimLa,” China. Each exciting location is loaded with a world of possibilities for danger, adventure, and romance for your Sim.

From right now until I’m not sure when since I couldn’t find an end date on the press release, you can get a butt ton of EA Mobile games for $.99. This includes The Sims 3 and SimCity Deluxe. Link for iPad games: http://www.itunes.com/eaholidayipad Link for iPhone/iPod Touch games: http://www.itunes.com/eaholidayiphone

If you have a Nokia N900, you’ll be happy to know it can be finagled into playing WebOS games – namely Sims 3. WebOS is the OS of the Palm and if you’ve seen your friends with Palm Pres [Surely that can’t be the plural from Palm Pre?] playing Sims 3 and have felt out of the […]

As you probably know, the casual gaming/mobile gaming market has blown up in the past ten years and EA is riding that train right to the bank. If playing Sims 3 World Adventures at home on your computer isn’t enough, now you can play it on your iPhone/iPod Touch. From the gameplay and screenshots I’ve […]