Barnacle Bay

Sims 3 Gamer Anya

I’ve been saying for a coon’s age I would go back and try to figure out where I took the pictures on my How To Take a Good Picture in Sims 3 post. Yesterday I finally tried to find the place. I thought the place was in Late Night so I had to create a […]

I have some ridiculously AMAZING NEWS!!! Like…wow. I just might find a bouncing gif to put in here somewhere. I entered Kmart’s contest for a chance to go to E3 with Kmart. That’s right, folks. E3. And guess what? I WON A PLACE! {Here’s my Kmart submission if you’re interested in reading it.} Among other […]

SHIVER ME TIMBERS, BARNACLE BAY IS AVAILABLE NOW The First Downloadable World Available for Purchase Launches Exclusively at The Sims 3 Store Yo-ho-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for Simmers.  Last week you could talk like a pirate for a day, but with Barnacle Bay you can live like one until you make your Sim walk […]

I wrote a review of Barnacle Bay and mentioned I had received a review code for the world. Lucky for three of you, I have more codes to give out. Entering is simple. You tweet the message I’m providing and then leave a comment below with a link to the tweet. If you’re not on […]

Land ho and a bottle of rum! Barnacle Bay is out and I received it to review. Before I go any farther, I’m well aware of the fact that Barnacle Bay is NOT an expansion but I also don’t consider it a Stuff Pack since a new town/world is added along with townies and “missions” […]