Sims 3 Cars

Mini Coopers might be small but they pack a big punch when it comes to style. In addition to that, they’re just so darn cute it’s hard not to want one. But not everyone has the money or the access to the darling little cars. Unless you have Sims 3 installed… I will admit that […]

One of my favorite sub-groups of Sims 3 custom content is vehicles. If you find a good creator, you stick with them and Fresh-Prince is one of those creators. His 1950 Ford F1 is a sight to behold…and download. Old Ford trucks are some of the prettiest vehicles out there but the price tag for […]

One of the cool things about Sims 3 is that even with just the base game, your Sims have the ability to drive cars – and you go can follow right along with them since there are no load screens. One thing that isn’t so great about Sims 3 is your base vehicle selection. Fresh-Prince’s […]