Sims 3 Cars

There’s just something dead sexy about the Infinity G37 coupe. The lines are all cuvy and something about the car makes you think fast. Fresh-Prince has done it again by bringing Infinity’s beautiful coupe to The Sims 3. And by “it” I mean he’s practically shrunk the real thing down and put it in my […]

The Audi R8 is one of the sexiest cars to hit showrooms in 2010 with its smooth lines and beautiful grill. Now, instead of just drooling over this hot car, you can at least live vicariously through your sims when they cruise around in this sports car. Selling for the low, low price $147,500, you […]

Y’all know how much I love Fresh Prince for his sweet ass vehicle creations. If there’s someone who does a better job, let me know cause I’d love to see it. Today I’m going to feature three of his creations with the first being the 2010 Ford Taurus. This fine example of an American car […]

SLUG BUG, whatever color you want! If you’ve been waiting for a “cute” car for Sims 3 and aren’t a fan of the Mini Cooper, this Volkswagen Beetle might be the car for you. I love this in the description of the car “The only┬áissues of this car are it’s fast speed and that sims […]

If you’re “green minded” then you should be super excited by the announcement today of an exclusive partnership between EA and Renault. This is the perfect announcement with Earth Day coming up on the 22nd. The first cool thing about this partnership is you’ll be able to get the Twizy Z.E Concept car this Spring. […]