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Sims 3 Shrek Vampire Child

So my Sim had triplets; that’s what I get for giving BOTH of my Sims the good ole fertility treatment. Here’s my couple. I don’t think either of them are odd looking and/or unattractive. And THIS is what they produced. Actually, TWO of the girls look like this one and one looks somewhat normal. Dear […]

I’ve been playing a heck of a lot of Sims 3 Pets since I started reading that legacy. I guess the legacy really did inspire me to play my game. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to hard-core legacy rules so I made my own rule that I wouldn’t cheat with the money. […]

The Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet Skeleton Dog

I played around with the Create a Pet demo yesterday and fell in love with the skeleton coat pattern. I love the skeleton pattern so much that I created a dog, cat and horse all sporting the pattern. This is the first video I put together that shows the animations that accompany traits you assign […]

The Italian word Selvaggio has a bunch of different meanings including:┬ásavage, uncivilized, brutal and cruel. Those four words sum Desari up quite well. She’s: Artistic Charismatic Dramatic Inappropriate Mean Spirited She loves: Pancakes Indie music The color violet She’s a Capricorn and her Lifetime Wish is to become a Home Design Hotshot…which is going to […]

I decided to play around with lighting in my game and needed a test subject. Since my last big uninstall and subsequent reinstall, I haven’t started any games that mean much to me–mostly I’m just screwing around with stuff–so I needed a new sim for the job. Hence Desari Selvaggio. Once I get a chance […]