Regular Sims

Sims 3 Shrek Vampire Child

So my Sim had triplets; that’s what I get for giving BOTH of my Sims the good ole fertility treatment. Here’s my couple. I don’t think either of them are odd looking and/or unattractive. And THIS is what they produced. Actually, TWO of the girls look like this one and one looks somewhat normal. Dear […]

Download Sims 3 Skyrim bottles

I’ve been working on these for longer than I care to admit. Many, many bottles. I’ve done two verions of these: one that shows up in the catalog, and another that doesn’t. In order to use the latter, you need to have the collection file in order to …

Gabriel Emerson for Sims 3

Repeat after me: There is nothing wrong with having hot sims in your game. Now, when you start dreaming about them, you might want to consider going out into the world and meeting some new people. Not that that has ever happened to me. Really. Promise. WHAT?! Gabriel Emerson by Misanthrope just might be dream […]

pyramid head from silent hill 2 for sims 3

Pyramid Head scares the crap out of me. Dude gave me nightmares when I played Silent Hill 2 and he’s one of the main reasons I’ve been off of the series for quite a while. Now he’s available for YOUR Sims 3 game. Not mine. YOUR game. Just wanted to be clear. I don’t need […]

Chloe Frazer Uncharted Sims 3

I really dug the first Uncharted and I still liked Uncharted 2 but found more enjoyment out of just watching the cut scenes on YouTube. Seriously a movie in a game. Highlight of the game? Chloe Frazer. Gaming hotness. Slipslop did a great job with Chloe. I turned my laptop around to show my husband […]