Sims 3 Pets Paint coat patterns

We used to raise Paint horses and what did I do the first time I started up Sims 3 Pets? I tried my hand at creating realistic Paint horse sims; I failed miserably. Ever so often, I’d manage to create something that was passable but I never got it exactly right. Do you have any idea how […]

Download the Little Missy patterns for Sims 3.

Download boys and girls patterns by Sims In Spring for Sims 3.

This is an awesome, awesome lot by Shady. The colors are fantastic and vibrant and Shady’s attention to detail is admirable. No custom content was used with this lot but you will need to have World Adventures and Ambitions installed. The lot is expensive as hell–furnished: 271,557§ and unfurnished: 102,251§–but this is a big lot […]

Everyone’s been wanting to see the new Create a Pattern tool and I have screens for you. What’s pretty cool about this download is that now you don’t have to rely on custom content patterns to enjoy custom patterns. Now, you can make just about any kind of pattern you want, any color you want, […]