Wall Art

Sims 3 Custom Content Match Things! Painting Set Available Images

You know how I feel about paintings; I can’t get enough of them. These 16 different variations should keep you with enough decorating choices to fill even the largest of houses. In addition to being able chose different images, there are two recolourable channels: the frame and the matting. Your limited only by your imagination […]

Sims 3 Kitchen Art

One of the things that makes a Sim’s house look more realistic is artwork on the walls. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of good wall art included with the vanilla games. That’s where fabulous custom content comes in. With 16 pieces of vibrant art, you should have plenty of pieces to liven up any room, […]

My first Sims 3 creation! A simple, but trendy, set of wall art to spoil your Sims with.They are based on window decals from www.brume.co.uk which I saw in a magazine. The picture frames come in a nice matt white by default, but you can use the Design …

Download Tropical Interior Design Items for Sims 3 from Black Pearl Sims.

Download Vintage Dining Art By Von Asch Creations for Sims 3.