Wall Art

This download is a good example of how a good picture of the custom content in-game can make the difference between me passing on the content and me downloading the content. While I love bright colors and I love wall art in my game, I probably wouldn’t have grabbed this download if I hadn’t seen […]

Sims 3 Download Wall Art

Download the 15 posters for Sims 3 from Rubika’s site.

plum sims 3 painting default replacement

If you have an artistic sim then you are well aware of just how much The Sims 3 paintings just…suck. They’re pretty bad. Just go ahead and admit it. Plum’s painting mod is like an artistic breath of fresh air. I’ve used this mod myself and absolutely LOVE it. I killed it because it’s so […]

I have this…thing for wall art in Sims 3. By “thing” I mean I’m obsessed with the stuff and probably have more paintings and such for my game than I have hairs and makeup, put together. Just like in real life, adding a painting or two to a wall adds some warmth and detail that […]

I usually have a thing for twos, but I must have another thing for threes, since this is my second custom object from scratch that comes in a trio. Treat your favorite Sim today with a delectable mirror of birds in flight, made from fine quality glass….