Default Replacements

plum sims 3 painting default replacement

If you have an artistic sim then you are well aware of just how much The Sims 3 paintings just…suck. They’re pretty bad. Just go ahead and admit it. Plum’s painting mod is like an artistic breath of fresh air. I’ve used this mod myself and absolutely LOVE it. I killed it because it’s so […]

Hysterical Paroxysm did such a fantastic job on Sookie Stackhouse that I’ve kept an eye on any and all creations she comes out with. Doctor Who has kept me happy for long than I care to admit and when I saw David Tennant pop up, of course I had to feature him here. How could […]

Look through any download site and you’ll see twenty or thirty of the exact same sim hanging out in obscurity because there’s nothing special about them. There’s nothing that grabs you by the short hairs and makes you pay attention to them. I don’t see how anyone can look through the images Daluved1 posted along […]

He was the King of Pop and even after death, he still released a movie which people¬†clamored to get into. If you were a huge Michael Jackson fan and want to keep him around in your Sims 3 game and/or you just want to play a cool looking Sim, look no further. Princess Leia did […]

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking me what types of custom content I run on my game and I figured this would be as good a time as any to share the link love with you guys and these awesome creators. The custom content is categorized very much like I’ve set up my folders […]