Lace cup nighty

I’ve never been a fan of the night clothes for females that come with The Sims 3. It seems like the night clothes are the last thing to get attention and that category can be one of the most fun. Perfect example? Check out below. Download Lace cup nighties from Kinky Wiq.

It absolutely cracks me up that they have the horse posed too. But this isn’t about the horse–though he is pretty damn cool. This wedding dress has great lines, three recolourable areas and is for both YA and Adult females. Download New Sims 3 Wedding Dress from Prada Sims.

Sims 3 headphones

“These headphones were extracted from EA Store outfit ‘Slack Attack’. So now it can be used as accessory. Available for both genders, from teen to elder. They are categorised as ‘necklace’ and includes body shape morphs.” Download Slack Attack Headphones from Tamo.

I wonder if Tamo know’s she’s one of my favorite Sims 3 creators. Not only one of my favorite creators but also one of my favorite Sims 3 “picture takers” and you can see why–for both the creations and pictures–with the Circle Skirt outfit. Download the Circle Skirt Outfit from Tamo.

Your Sim toddlers shouldn’t left out when it comes to the Halloween festivities. These clothes are cute and promise to help the whole family get into the holiday spirit. Enjoy! Download the Toddler Skeleton Dress. Download the Toddler Skeleton Tuxedo Shirt.