Sims 3 Download Jessy Dress

This the top with vest from World Adventures without the tights. Thank you very much, Juliana. Now you have a mini dress that’s for female young adults to adults and is base game compatible with four recolorable areas. Download the Jessy Dress for Sims 3 by Juliana.

Sims 3 Judith Dress Download

Want to see what happens when you cross this dress and the genie top? One hell of a tranformation, wouldn’t you say? Download the Judith Dress for Sims 3 from Juliana’s Corner.

cupcake mini dress for teens to adult sims 3

Anubis Under the Sun has created a great gift for Facebook fans: the Cupcake Mini Dress. This dress should go great with your Showtime expansion or as a fun way to bring some cute into your regular game. This dress is for teens to adults. Anubis Under the Sun’s Facebook page. Download the Cupcake Mini […]

Unisex Onesies for Toddlers Sims 3 Monsters

I’ve complained about the less than awesome selection of toddler clothes before, right? I’m sure I have but I’m too lazy to go back and look. When my kids were wearing onesies, these are the kinds of things they were wearing. That one picture–though damn cute–doesn’t come close to even showing the awesome stuff with […]

Anubis Under the Sun put out this super cute “Romantic Rose” dress and I love it.

Figured you’d love it too and everyone can use another cute dress in their game.

~ Dress is under everyday, formal and career categories, for female young adults…