free sims 3 download snake ring

Fabulously detailed ring for your sims. Download the free snake ring for Sims 3 from IN3S’ Little Place.

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Artemis Boots download for sims 3 by anubis

As you can see from my Sims 3 Downloads Shoe category, I haven’t found many shoes/boots that I really like but I’m looking! Expect to see a lot more shoes in the coming weeks. Example: Artemis Boots by Anubis Download the Artemis Boots Sims 3 by Anubis from Ace Creators.

The Drita Pumps by Daluved1

There are way too few good shoes for download for Sims 3 and if you’re looking for high heels, good freakin’ luck. Daluved1 is one of my favorite Sims 3 custom content creators and these “Drita” pumps are great. Download “The Drita” pumps for Sims 3 from Ace Creators.

download rock star jacket for sims 3 from darko sims 3

If your rocker sim has been needing a clothing makeover then you’re in luck. This jacket at Darko Sims 3 is recoulorable and comes with and without studs so you can customize the jacket as much or as little as you want. Download Rock Star Jacket for Sims 3 from Darko Sims 3