Download the Free Sims 3 Serenity Dress Elexis Adult

– Dress for female Sims, teen to adult. – Can be used in formal, everyday and career clothing categories. – Morph states compatible. – Breast slider capable. – 3 recolorable channels: top body, bottom body (blends with the top body) and the bow. – Teens have a different mesh than adults to fit their thinner […]

Sims 3 Download Jessy Dress

This the top with vest from World Adventures without the tights. Thank you very much, Juliana. Now you have a mini dress that’s for female young adults to adults and is base game compatible with four recolorable areas. Download the Jessy Dress for Sims 3 by Juliana.

Sims 3 Judith Dress Download

Want to see what happens when you cross this dress and the genie top? One hell of a tranformation, wouldn’t you say? Download the Judith Dress for Sims 3 from Juliana’s Corner.

cupcake mini dress for teens to adult sims 3

Anubis Under the Sun has created a great gift for Facebook fans: the Cupcake Mini Dress. This dress should go great with your Showtime expansion or as a fun way to bring some cute into your regular game. This dress is for teens to adults. Anubis Under the Sun’s Facebook page. Download the Cupcake Mini […]

Anubis Under the Sun put out this super cute “Romantic Rose” dress and I love it.

Figured you’d love it too and everyone can use another cute dress in their game.

~ Dress is under everyday, formal and career categories, for female young adults…