Sims 3 headphones

“These headphones were extracted from EA Store outfit ‘Slack Attack’. So now it can be used as accessory. Available for both genders, from teen to elder. They are categorised as ‘necklace’ and includes body shape morphs.” Download Slack Attack Headphones from Tamo.

Update Oct 22, 2010 : Added CAS/Launcher thumbnails. Rebuild with TSRW 2.0.These glasses were recycled from my “Wayfarer”-like eyeglasses. I used same textures, just modified the shape. Available for both genders, from child to elder.These pi…

Download Anto Flower Headband for Sims 3 from Anubis.

Download Butterfly Wings for Teen to Elder for Sims 3 by EsmeraldaF.

Click here to download Tamo’s Cat’s Eye Glasses for Sims 3.