Sims 3 Retro Bathing Suits

This swimwear is ridiculously cute. Not that I’m surprised since Juliana always makes cute stuff. You’ll find this in the swimwear, sleepwear and career categories and it’s ready for maternity, too. Download this retro swimwear from Ace Creators.

If you want both the earrings and the necklace, make sure you download both files. Duh, right? “Both necklace and earring comes with 4 stencils and you can recolor the diamond as a gradient.” Download the Free Sims 3 Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean [Le Cœur de la Mer] necklace and earrings from S-Club Privée.

Download the Free Sims 3 Serenity Dress Elexis Adult

– Dress for female Sims, teen to adult. – Can be used in formal, everyday and career clothing categories. – Morph states compatible. – Breast slider capable. – 3 recolorable channels: top body, bottom body (blends with the top body) and the bow. – Teens have a different mesh than adults to fit their thinner […]

Download the Free Sims 3 Ring of Hircine Wolf Ring From Skyrim

The Sims 3 version of the Ring of Hircine from Skyrim which “grant[s] unlimited werewolf transformations.” Download the free Sims 3 Ring of Hircine from Club Crimsyn. *Note* Does not actually turn your sim into a werewolf.

“These piercings work for female Sims only. It’s categorized as Glasses, Bracelet, Gloves, Ring and Socks.” Includes left and right sides. Download the nose piercings for Sims 3 chicks from IN3S’ Little Place.