download vegas the chihuahua for sims 3 pets

Remember the “giraffe horse” I posted a while back? Well, how about a Chihuahua full of personality? Download Vegas the Chihuahua for Sims 3 Pets from Rachel at Vicarious Sims.

download sims 3 pets dressage giraffe for Pets

Who needs a plain, old horse for your sims to ride when you can have a giraffe? OK. Fine. A giraffe patterned horse but still! He’s one cute dude and created by Rachel at Vicarious Sims Download Dressage Giraffe for Sims 3 Pets from the Exchange.

The Sims 3 Pets Fallout 3 Dogmeat

I doubt I can do a sufficient job of explaining just how excited I am by this pet. Most of the pets I’ve seen for download have been stuff I could make myself and why take the time to download something when I already have kick-ass animals living in my game? But Dogmeat? Nope. He […]