Free Sims 3 Downloads

To celebrate hitting 10k Facebook fans,¬†Anubis Under the Sun released this super cute hair: You can get the hair by going over to Anubis Under the Sun’s Facebook page.

Sims 3 peacock jewelry

Click here to download this peacock jewelry from S-Club!    

Sims 3 Retro Bathing Suits

This swimwear is ridiculously cute. Not that I’m surprised since Juliana always makes cute stuff. You’ll find this in the swimwear, sleepwear and career categories and it’s ready for maternity, too. Download this retro swimwear from Ace Creators.

Equus Sims and MSE Sims 3 Pets horse blankets.

It’s getting cooler in my neck of the woods and we’ve started having to find our coats before school and find socks to wear to bed. That’s gotten me to thinking about rain and snow and nasty weather in-game and then about the fact pets don’t have anything to keep them cozy. Until now!

Sims 3 Gamer Anya

I’ve been saying for a coon’s age I would go back and try to figure out where I took the pictures on my How To Take a Good Picture in Sims 3 post. Yesterday I finally tried to find the place. I thought the place was in Late Night so I had to create a […]