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Sims Showtime Singer

From The Sims’s Facebook page: In honor of the prestigious Shorty Award, we’re giving away 3 copies of TS3 Showtime on Twitter! Go here for more information on how to participate: https://twitter.com/#!/TheSims3/status/184684110562856961 The giveaway ends 3PM PST.


I feel bad I forgot The Sims’s birthday but, in my defense, I didn’t start playing the second it came out. A friend in the dorm introduced the game to me and I spent many hours–some when I was supposed to be in class–playing the classic game. See? It’s not like I forgot the blessed […]

I have this…thing for wall art in Sims 3. By “thing” I mean I’m obsessed with the stuff and probably have more paintings and such for my game than I have hairs and makeup, put together. Just like in real life, adding a painting or two to a wall adds some warmth and detail that […]

Sophie the Pitbull wearing The Sims 3 Pets spiked dog collar from E3 2011.

SimsVip is holding a giveaway right now for a physical or digital copy of The Sims 3 Limited Edition and all you have to do is take a picture of an animal with a Sims related item, e.g., a plumbob, t-shirt or game box. Here’s an example of what my entry would look like if […]


The new Sims 3 patch is out and a ton of stuff has been fixed, tweaked and changed to get you ready for Town Life Stuff which officially releases tomorrow. I didn’t count the number of updates but there’s a ton of them for Generations–which isn’t unexpected–and several for the base game. Find some of […]