February 2013

The Sims 3 University Life

Though the live chat today was cut short due to technical difficulties and we didn’t get to see another live demo of University Life, EA did put out this producer walkthrough. If you’ve been watching Twitter, you know Plant Sims have already been confirmed and this video shows you one in the flesh–so to speak.


Origin has a big Sims 3 sale going on right now and it looks like Amazon isn’t willing to get under sold considering how they’re undercutting Origin on most of their digital titles. I’ve listed the same games as with my Origin list but added Ambitions and Generations since they’re super cheap and felt they […]

Sims 3 Anniversary Origin Sale

Kia asked me over at Sims 3 Gamer’s Facebook page: With the big Origins sale what’s worth buying in terms of worlds or stuff packs? I made a list! Kia, I know you asked specifically about worlds and stuff packs, but I made a full list. Hope you don’t mind. The obvious is The Sims 3 base […]


Press release: Fan excitement for the release of SimCity has been growing. In order to give even more fans a taste of the game before its March launch, Maxis is proud to announce that it will be holding a second SimCity Closed Beta. The second SimCity Closed Beta will be running from 1400GMT on February […]

SimCity Beta Ghetto Neighborhood

When I was playing the SimCity beta, the highest population I was ever able to reach was just over 15k sims. The majority of the time I was coming in closer to two or three thousand sims. Nothing to write home about but it’s enough of a jump that I can conquer with what Norman […]