“Let’s All Be Mayor” SimCity Live Event: Going Green

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Yesterday was Casino City–I’ll get a post up of the whole four hours of gameplay here in a minute–and today is Going Green.

Pour yourself a big bowl of granola, because tomorrow we’re building a green city. Join us for the live online event as the world collectively cleans-up a toxic town at www.LetsAllBeMayor.com

[This just cracks me up. Whoever’s writing the copy needs a raise.]

Wind farm!

Here’s the first question for the four hour live event:

SimCity Going Green Question

You can vote for your pick over at http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/going-green The streaming video is also over there. Not that excited about this city since I highly doubt I’ll build a “green” city–I hate the planet–but I’ll watch anyway. I suspect I’m an addict.

Once the broadcast has been completed, I’ll toss up another post and link to this one with the recorded footage in case you have a life and don’t get to watch it live.

What kind of city are you going to build?

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