“Let’s All Be Mayor” SimCity Live Event: Casino City

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Yesterday’s live broadcast of Disaster City seems to have been a heck of hit. [You can watch the replay over here: SimCity Let’s All Be Mayor Replay: Disaster City.]

What are the odds the world can work together to build a sin city of SimCity? That’s what we intend to find out. Fancy casinos, luxurious hotels, tourist traps and dirty cops are all fair game. In Casino City, anything is possible. And anything can happen. So vote now, roll the dice and help us build a brand new Vegas.

SimCity Casino City Street

Here’s the first for the salivating SimCity audience:

First SimCity Casino Question

And here’s the link for where you can watch the four hours of Casino City gameplay.

Once the broadcast has been completed, I’ll toss up another post and link to this one with the recorded footage in case you have a life and don’t get to watch it live.

What kind of city are you going to build?

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