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Press release:

Fan excitement for the release of SimCity has been growing.

In order to give even more fans a taste of the game before its March launch, Maxis is proud to announce that it will be holding a second SimCity Closed Beta.

The second SimCity Closed Beta will be running from 1400GMT on February 16 to 1400GMT on February 17 and will feature an enhanced version of the one-hour slice of gameplay that delighted fans in January. Fans who haven’t already signed up for the beta can do so at www.SimCity.com/beta to help contribute to the launch of SimCity.

Hurry, sign-ups end at 1400GMT on February 11.

To wet fan appetites even more, Maxis today unveiled a new trailer showing off the Limited Edition exclusive content.

  • Mychro5

    I got signed for the first simcity beta and i got a chance to play. Hope i get lucky again, cause i loved it ;P

    • http://www.sims3gamer.com/ Amy Tucker

      I had lots of fun w/the first beta. I’ve preordered the Limited Edition through Amazon and I’m a tiny bit pissed to see they’re promoting the whole Preorder via Origin and get a guaranteed spot in the beta. I DID preorder it…just not through them. Shouldn’t I count, too? 😀

      • Mychro5

        yeah its very unfair, cause they practically force you to pre order by Origin to get the good stuff.

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