January 2013

SimCity Logo

The last time I played a Sim City game, I think the computer was running Windows 3.0 or something and I couldn’t figure out the game. Cut me some slack…I was seven. SO there was a bit of a learning curve for me when I first started playing with the beta. I was very, very […]

To celebrate hitting 10k Facebook fans,¬†Anubis Under the Sun released this super cute hair: You can get the hair by going over to Anubis Under the Sun’s Facebook page.

Sims 3 peacock jewelry

Click here to download this peacock jewelry from S-Club!    

Sims 3 Retro Bathing Suits

This swimwear is ridiculously cute. Not that I’m surprised since Juliana always makes cute stuff. You’ll find this in the swimwear, sleepwear and career categories and it’s ready for maternity, too. Download this retro swimwear from Ace Creators.

Video robot

Even with the release of Seasons, I was still feeling mighty burned out on Sims and I had to take a break. Because of that, I missed The Sims 3 Live Broadcast on the 8th of January and so I’m going to watch it now. Big announcement was University Life which I’ve been looking forward […]