Seasons Patch 1.42 Video with Blueprint Mode and the Diving Board

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One of the–many–things I’ve been looking forward to with Seasons is the Blueprint mode. I thought I was going to have to wait until Seasons is released [Nov. 13th] to get my hands on the tool but the 1.42 patch included the tool!

The video below was supposed to just be about the Blueprint tool but ended up also including the new ghost [Freezing to Death], the Capture This Moment button and the diving board.

The Blueprints are pretty freakin’ awesome and should give you plenty of places to start without having to start with a giant, empty box. I’m interested to see what types of room designs the team will put up at the Store and how much they’re going to charge for them. Being able to buy seasonal rooms and/or themed rooms would be pretty awesome.

Platinum Simmers has a good overview of Blueprint Mode up.

The diving board is tons of fun and the animations are more crisp and impressive than they were in Sims 2. Then again, they better be, right?

As of right now, Nrass mods have not been updated so if you have Master Controller in your game, there’s a good chance your game is going to crash on you. But that shouldn’t be a problem since you ALWAYS remove all mods from your game before you upgrade.

Me too.

Not really.

The game played just fine for me when I created a new game but when I loaded a saved game, the game crashed. All better once I deleted Master Controller. I’ll entertain myself by making my sims dive off the diving board while I wait on Master Controller to be updated.

If you’re looking for a rundown of all this patch has to offer, check out SimsVip.

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