New Sims 3 Seasons Video with Pictures and Mah Thoughts

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Like I said on the Sims 3 Gamer Facebook page–Sims3GamerFans–I love it when the Sims team puts out an interesting video that shows tons of stuff they haven’t even hinted at before the video’s release.

I’ve watched the video a couple of times now–the first time via the Polish arm of The Sims which was a trip–and I keep finding new things I missed the time before.

This haunted house hadn’t been mentioned prior to this video, right?

Sims 3 Seasons haunted house

When you watch the video, watch for the classic bedsheet ghosts in the front window as Clark heads in the get the puke scared out of him–literally.

The diving board for the pool makes an appearance and you get to see Abby use a hair dryer to thaw out the sim that was dumb enough to take a swim in the middle of winter. Check out the hot tub in the background.

Sims 3 Seasons Hair Dryer

The Christmas lights on the house look so good and I love the Craftsman style house. Is that a new house? I know we’re not getting a new world but maybe new houses? If this house is hanging around Sims currently, someone let me know?

Sims 3 Seasons Christmas lights

The Blueprint mode is shown a bit and I’m so happy they’ve added this option. I’ve said a million times I am no builder and the houses I toss up are usually huge rectangles of ugliness so being able to pick a room and stick it onto another room and only have to change the colors and/or maybe the furniture excites me.

Sims 3 Seasons Blueprint Build Mode

SimCookie has posted over 100 screengrabs so you can head over there to get your picture fix.

You’re as excited as I am, right?

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