Sims 3 Seasons Official Logo/Images and Release Date?

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I saw this come across on Twitter and figure it’s a fake.


Maybe not? The Sims 3 Seasons WAS listed on the official site and then taken down but isn’t that always the case? Gotta give us all something to “leak,” right? heh

Here’s the image the Sims 3 Czech Republic’s page put up:

Of course that image is down now.

As is this one:

When’s The Sims 3 Seasons supposed to be release, you ask? How about 11/13/12? For realz.

Excited? Indifferent? Think this is all one HUGE, orchestrated hoax?

  • http://nhmom.blogspot.com/ Dawniemom

    LOL  They’re messing with us!

    • http://Sims3Gamer.com/ Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer

       @Dawniemom  This is me, with my fingers in my ears, going, “LALALALALALALALALALAL! NOT LISTENING!” 😀

      • http://nhmom.blogspot.com/ Dawniemom

         @Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer LOL!

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