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Love conquers all, right?

Well it sure does in a Sims 3 game…if I’m playing.

I cheat the hell out of my games and am currently using:

  • NRass Woohooer Scoring
  • Nrass Woohooer
  • NRass Overwatch
  • Nrass Master Controller
  • Nrass Master Controller Cheats
  • NRass Error Trap
  • NRass Decensor

I also always use “testingcheatsenabled true” and “motherlode” since who wants to take the time to build up lasting relationships and worry about making money the old fashioned way?

The one thing I suck a whole bunch at is getting my sims hitched; I always create a married couple so I don’t have to deal with finding eligible sims to marry. It’s just so damn tedious!

But with this current game, I created one sim and one horse since I planned on creating an intricate breeding program based on a foundation stud.

Anyway, I had girl and horse and girl started thinking way too much about building blocks and teddy bears so I found her a boy. Except he’s a vampire. And he had a vampire wife.

Force kill, anyone?

But then dude kept disappearing to work and what have you and finding a random sim–you don’t control–out in town is annoying.

So I cheated him into the family. Even with him living in the house and me making vampire dude best friends with my chick, it STILL took a very long time for him to roll a wish for marriage.

Sims 3 Vampire Proposal

I was surprised at how rewarding that moment ended up being.

Also? Looks like during one of the many instances of “Risky sex”–thanks Woohooer–chick got knocked up. Oops.

FYI, here’s the link to all of Twallan’s mods: NRaas Industries

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