New Computer Means Moar Sims 3 Playing

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We bought a badass desktop and I played Sims all this past holiday weekend. Like the whole time. I haven’t played Sims that much in…it’s been so long I can’t remember the last time.

One of the coolest things? I was able to play with all of the expansions and stuff packs except for Showtime, Fast Lane Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff and obviously without Sweet Treats and Diesel Stuff. [None of those have inspired me to shell out cash for them.]

You’d think I would have focused on each expansion for a bit. Maybe head to Champs Les Sims and get it on with a dude over there and then come back to my house in Appaloosa Plains and raise my illegitimate simlets right after I adopt a dog, cat, horse and maybe a box turtle but definitely not a parrot–they’re damn loud. And I would get a job as a ghost hunter. Maybe.

Instead of all of that awesomeness, I spent Friday thru Tuesday playing Pets.

Sim with arms in horse glitch

You know your sim loves their horse when the sim brushes the horse on the inside.

Because of Pets, I spent way too much time confusing myself with the bloodlines of my horses since I didn’t want to breed cousins–even though that’s somewhat common in real life–cause it makes me feel icky. At some point I cheated one of my horses into being a unicorn–she didn’t have a horn–and she was a huge whore and I ended up with like five foals by her and they ALL ended up being unicorns.

Unicorns won’t let themselves be sold. SONOFA…

So I released all of their little unicorn asses into the wild and then stomped my foot a lot because the door made it so I could’t move. I mean my SIM couldn’t move.


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