The Sims 3 Showtime Half Off Till Tuesday On Origin!

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Is there really anymore to say other than that title? Pretty sure that sums things up nicely, don’t you?

But, since I wouldn’t be me without adding a few more sentences, I’ll my stupid giggle when I went to grab an image for this little bit of news.

This image?

Sims Late Adopters Singer Guitar Top

And this one?

Sims Late Adopters Singer Guitar Bottom

Their file names both contain “LateAdopters” which caused me to giggle since I suppose, with regards to this particular installment, I am a late adopter since I still haven’t picked this title up.

At any rate, this is an online only deal, folks and it’s only good through Origin and until “OFFER EXPIRES MAY 29, 2012 AT 10:00AM PST” and only to the people in the US and Canada. Sorry, everywhere else in the world. Looks like EA screwed ya. I’m sure it’ll be us next time.

Have a great Sims filled weekend!

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