May 2012

A simple, recolorable, grain bin for your Sims 3 Pets barn Download the free Sims 3 grain bin from Vicarious Sims.

Download the Free Sims 3 Serenity Dress Elexis Adult

– Dress for female Sims, teen to adult. – Can be used in formal, everyday and career clothing categories. – Morph states compatible. – Breast slider capable. – 3 recolorable channels: top body, bottom body (blends with the top body) and the bow. – Teens have a different mesh than adults to fit their thinner […]

Sims Late Adopters Singer Guitar Top

Is there really anymore to say other than that title? Pretty sure that sums things up nicely, don’t you? But, since I wouldn’t be me without adding a few more sentences, I’ll my stupid giggle when I went to grab an image for this little bit of news. This image? And this one? Their file […]

250 free simoleons sims social survey

Take a survey from one of EA’s “partners” and get yourself 250 simoleons. I haven’t taken the survey–and probably won’t–but this seems like an easy way to earn some $. Hope it really is “quick” and not like ten minutes or something; five minutes is my idea of quick.