Download Improved Sims 3 Pets Horse Bridles

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I warned you I had some horse stuff coming and here’s one of them.

Improved bridles.

These MUCH improved bridles are listed as “works in progress” but I have them in my game and I’ve had no issues with them. You can see a shot of Hunt seat version on my Tucker’s Fool post.

These bridles come in two flavors: Hunt seat and a Western shank. There are several style of both and you can pick what you want.

Download the bridles for Sims 3 Pets from Morning Star Equestrian Sims.

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  • Amanda

    looking for a horse drawn carriage for sims 3 pets know where I can find it with out it having virus?

  • rose

    I am looking for some better bridles and halters. Everything I download doesnt work, so i was wondering if you would recommend some other sites with good stuff?

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